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Change the name information

8/31 Update -
The name of the registered neighborhood organization has been changed to Central Park United Neighbors.
8/24 Update -

Final Vote

Electronic voting via the link above will be open until 7:15pm on August 31st.

Members of SUN* are asked to vote on changing the name of our registered neighborhood organization from Stapleton United Neighbors to Central Park United Neighbors. Voting 'yes' aligns our organizational name with the new community name: Central Park.
*A member of SUN is: an adult renting/owning in "the footprint of SUN" [the community now-named Central Park, specifically in Denver as it relates to this vote, as SUN is a Denver Registered Neighborhood Organization]. One vote is allowed per person.

SUN Name Change Vote Community Meeting: MONDAY, August 31st, 7:00pm

Within an hour of launching a petition 8/1/2020, SUN received the necessary 100 signatures to host a vote to change the name of our organization to Central Park United Neighbors. Next, per our bylaws, a vote of adults owning/renting within the footprint of SUN- The Central Park Community (previously referred to as the Stapleton community) in Denver must be held to adopt the name Central Park United Neighbors for our organization.  

The SUN Board will host a public meeting August 31st from 7:00pm to 7:30pm during which we will provide updates on the name change process. Attendees of this meeting who have not yet voted will be able to do so during this meeting until 7:15pm via the link provided above. Please register in advance for the meeting here:
Based on the results of the vote, the SUN Board will be launching a logo design contest in the coming weeks. Please watch your email, social media and our website for more information.
8/17 Update - 
The report detailing numbers of votes each round and validation methodology has been delivered to the MCA delegates and board for discussion during their 8/19 meeting. This report is publicly available at the bottom of this page (see: Report Vote Counting and Validation 08_12_2020 final.pdf)  
8/2 Update -
The petition has over 500 signatures. Please feel free to continue to sign - we love the community excitement and support.   We have validated that we have over 100 residents - so the meeting on 8/31 is on.  Watch here for more updates.  Plan to attend the SUN meeting on August 18th for updates and more details on next steps.
8/1 Update -
The name selected by the community is Central Park.  Details on voting results will be posted here soon.
7/31 Update - 
The SUN Board will be hosting a Zoom meeting on Saturday, August 1st at 11am to announce the results of the neighborhood voting.  Please register using the link below:
Full details will be posted here in the next few days following the announcement.
Questions should be sent to SUN via [email protected].
7/27 Update - 
Please vote in the Third and Final round before Thursday, July 30th at 2:00 PM.
Access your ballot here: VOTING CLOSED
7/26 Update - 

The third and final round of voting on the community name begins today:

Access your ballot here:  VOTING CLOSED

Voting will be open from Sunday, July 26th - Thursday, July 30th at 2:00 PM.

After Round 2, two names remain for community vote in the third and final round:

  • Central Park

  • Skyview

The story accompanying each name is available below. 

The final name that emerges from this voting process will be announced on Saturday, August 1st.  Please note the voting period is ending on THURSDAY for the final round to allow time for validation prior to announcement on August 1st.

Voter eligibility is as follows: you must own or rent in Stapleton and be at least 18 or more years old. Residents of Stapleton in both Denver and Aurora are eligible. Each eligible individual per household can vote, however each individual may only vote once. Each vote must be accompanied by name, physical and email address as well as an acknowledgement that you are over 18. Voting is confidential but not anonymous. In this round, eligible voters will be asked to vote for just one name.


Questions and Concerns on Voting: SUN board is requesting that all questions be sent directly to our email, [email protected]. Each weekday we will post the questions from the previous day as well as our responses. Each Monday's post will include the questions received from Friday through Sunday. All previous updates have been posted on the SUN Website below.
7/25 Update - 
Validation has continued all day, we will share results as soon as possible. Round 3 voting will launch Sunday 7/26.  
7/24 Update
Round Two voting is now closed.  Final voting will begin on Monday, July 27th.

7/22 Update -The ZOOM recording of last night's meeting is available. 

Password: $HG?hk3a


7/21 Update - reminder: tonight is SUN's monthly meeting. Held on Zoom from 6:30pm-8:30

Register in advance: 

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

Share your plans to attend on social media:

7/20 Update - Round 2 voting is open.  

Round 2 voting on the community name is now closed. (7/24 update)

As selected by the community in Round 1, the four names available from voting in Round 2 are:

  • Central Park
  • Concourse
  • Mosley
  • Skyview

The stories accompanying each name are available on SUN's website below. Voting in Round 2 will be open from July 20th until Friday July 24th at 2:00 PM. This ballot will be mailed/distributed multiple times this week, please only participate one time. In Round 2, voting will be the same as Round 1. Please vote for your top three choices: a first choice will receive 3 points, second choice 2 points, and 3 choice 1 point. Two names will emerge from Round 2, and will be decided on in the the third and final round of voting the final week in July.  

Voter eligibility is as follows: you must own or rent in Stapleton and be 18 or more years. Residents of Stapleton in both Denver and Aurora are eligible. Each eligible individual per household can vote, however each individual may only vote once. Each vote must be accompanied by name, physical and email address as well as an acknowledgement that you are over 18. Voting is confidential but not anonymous. Each resident will be asked to select their top 3 choices in order of preference. Votes will be tallied by adding 3 points for a 1st choice, 2 points for a 2nd choice and 1 point for the 3rd choice. 

At the conclusion of Round 2, the list of eligible names will be reduced to the final two names and a 3rd and final round of voting will occur from July 26th through July 30th. The final name that emerges from this voting process will be announced August 1st.

7/19 Update - 


After the first round of voting, the names that will move on to the next round are:

  • Central Park

  • Mosley

  • Skyview

  • Concourse

Five names were removed after this round:

  • Park Central

  • Meadowlark

  • Randolph

  • Tailwinds

  • Peterson

The weighted total for each name is a function of: the total number of votes the name received AND what ranks those votes were assigned.  Votes were added for each name, with a weight of 3 points for 1st choice, 2 points for 2nd choice, and 1 point for 3rd choice.


7/17 Update - Reminder voting in round 1 on the 9 names selected by the Advisory Board from submissions remains open through tomorrow (Saturday 7/18) at 2pm.  Round 2 will begin on Monday with 4 names remaining available. The link to participate is here:

If you have already participated in round 1, you should not vote again, please wait for round 2 to reengage.  Please see 7/13 update for descriptions of names. 

Daily Q/A:

QUESTION: Since our post yesterday, we have received a couple of emails asking if we can add more names to the nine that are currently being voted on.

ANSWER: In a word, no. We have dutifully followed the process first presented to the community for feedback on June 16th and then publicly approved on June 24th (details below)

. The process does not allow for this kind of modification. We are pleased by the extremely high voter response rate as well as the opportunity many of you have taken to share your opinion. Please vote and help us encourage others that have not voted in the first round to do so by tomorrow, Saturday July 18 at 2:00pm.

QUESTION: Can Mosley be listed as Mosley Park in upcoming ballots to the neighborhood because that’s what has gained a lot of momentum with supporters
ANSWER: We cannot add or make alterations to any names during the voting process.

QUESTIONS: How are residents and addresses being vetted? How do you know a resident that sold their house and moved out of the area isn't using their old address to vote? How do you know who the current resident is at a property that has been sold multiple times? How are you vetting renters that are voting to confirm they are the current tenant?
ANSWER: We are validating the votes both electronically and manually. Appropriate security protocols dictate we do not provide any additional information.

QUESTION: Will the results of this round of voting be posted before the second round of voting begins? If not, how soon after the second round of voting begins can we expect to see the results of the first round of voting
ANSWER: Pending

QUESTION: How was the LGBTQ community respresented on the Advisory Board?
ANSWER: SUN sent two representatives and otherwise did not select individuals for the advisory board. We identified entities within the community that have directly engaged the community on this issue. Each of those entities was responsible for submitting their own representatives. SUN encouraged each entity to consider diversity in all its forms when determining their representatives. While we did not ask participants to state their various identities, the board was made up of six women and seven men; there were seven people of color.

QUESTION: Who’s paying for the cost of the change?
ANSWER: Costs incurred by the city, for example, changing the deeds, would be a future step in implementing the name that is not included in the current effort.



7/16 Update - 

The SUN board is requesting that all questions be sent directly to our email, [email protected]. Each weekday morning we will post all of the questions from the previous day as well as our responses. Each Monday's post will include the questions received from Friday through Sunday. Although we will do our best to read all the comments. Thank you.

7/15 Update - 

An Advisory Board Overview and Resource Packet has been added via a link at the bottom of this page. Included in that packet is: 

  • A letter from SUN to the community  
  • Advisory Board Process Outline
  • Expectations of the Advisory Board
  • Consideration and Guidance for Name Choices
  • Straw Poll Overview
  • Straw Poll Results
Through the information in this packet, we seek to clarify the work of the advisory board, including a distinction between straw poll data which served as a resource to the advisory board, and the expectations by and considerations with which the advisory board operated.  

See below: Advisory Board Overview and Resources.pdf


*7/13*: Round 1 of voting is live. The link to participate is here:

The included names are:

Mosley Mosley addresses many of the categories the Community has expressed a desire for in a new name. It is aviation-related, historically significant, geographically connected to the current area, business-friendly and inspirational. Mosley honors a family, not just one person. John Mosley was a Tuskegee Airman during World War II, who also helped draft the policies to racially integrate the new U.S. Air Force. He and his wife, Edna Wilson-Mosley were a team, married for 70 years and inseparable for 75. They were civil rights activists who broke the color barrier in Denver and Aurora by purchasing a home adjacent to what is now our community, and, in so doing, they fought the destructive segregationist practice of redlining. Edna was a co-founder of the highly successful Colorado Women's Bank, to give women greater access to credit. As the first at-large city Councilperson of color in Aurora, Edna chaired the Transportation Committee, with DIA and the former airport, within its bailiwick. Their daughter spent 47 years as a United Airlines flight attendant flying out of the airport that is now our beloved community; two sons served in the U.S. Air Force, with one still flying for United. There are even multiple pilots among John and Edna’s grandchildren. As a single, two syllable word, Mosley would be an inexpensive and business-friendly replacement for Stapleton, easy for new logo and signage, and naturally pronounceable. Finally, the Mosley neighborhood name would be inspirational, as the simple act of its adoption would be a powerful and permanent positive step in uniting our community and surrounding neighbors, around the values we aspire to live by, here in our beautiful Denver home. Mosley is a name we can stand for. Meadowlark Western Meadowlarks are in all western North America and parts of Canada and Mexico. They live and nest in open grasslands, meadows, pastures and fields. They are the state bird of Montana, Kansas, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oregon and Wyoming. Our community is home to an abundance of Meadowlarks because of the broad open natural drainages and significant parklands. The presence of Meadowlarks indicate that this will be a sweet time of life; that you were in the dark and now it is time to enter the light. Larks are additionally known for their melodious song. They also sing while they are airborne, unlike most other birds who only sing while perched. This indicates cheerfulness and reminds us to find joy amid our own lives. One will hear this beautiful songbird on virtually any neighborhood walk. Meadowlarks play a variety of roles in the folklore of different indigenous people’s history. The Lakota tribes feel a great affinity for Meadowlarks, seeing them as a symbol of friendship and loyalty, and take care never to kill one. The musical song of the Meadowlark is believed to be good luck by many Lakota people and in the past, Meadowlark whistles were thought to summon buffalo. In the Blackfoot tribe, Meadowlarks are a symbol of peace and the presence of Meadowlarks was said to be a sign that a camp or village would be safe from attack. Meadowlark is inspirational, aspirational and suitable for consideration as the new community name. Concourse Concourse has several meanings relevant to the characteristics the community has expressed are valued for a new name. Definitions of concourse include:

  • An act or process of coming together and merging
  • Meeting produced by voluntary or spontaneous coming together
  • Open space where roads or paths meet and converge
  • An open space or hall (as in a railroad or airport terminal) where crowds gather
  • A flocking, moving, or flowing together of persons or streams, as in Westerly Creek and Sand Creek
  • From Latin concursus "gathering of a crowd, coming together,"
  • Also a loose French translation that means to reconstruct back to excellence. As in to restore a collector car.
While most people think of the definition of concourse as an airport reference, which has relevance to our development name, we also have the opportunity to reinvent the word as people use it and describe and transcend our neighborhood into “a coming together of people, where paths meet and rebuild back to what was intended in the green book.
Peterson Helen Peterson (Wa-Cinn-Ya-Win-Pi-Mi), which translates to A Woman To Trust And Depend On, was a Cheyenne-Lakota activist and lobbyist. Peterson came to Denver in 1942. Peterson began work at the University of Denver as the executive director of the Rocky Mountain Council of Inter-American Affairs. In 1948, she was hired by the newly elected mayor, J. Quigg Newton, to work on the Commission on Human Relations. Peterson attempted to build bridges, registering voters and organizing various communities as Mayor Newton wanted to desegregate Denver. Peterson developed cultural programs and met with city leaders to provide lecture series on issues, such as fair labor and housing laws. At the end of the year, she was made the director of the Committee on Human Relations. Peterson was one of the first women lobbyists advocating for Civil Rights for American Indians. In 1953 Eleanor Roosevelt urged her to work in Washington D.C. on behalf of American Indians during a period known as the Indian Termination Policy. Roosevelt tasked her to help reorganize the National Congress of American Indians which was actually founded in Denver, and is the largest and oldest American Indian Organization in the country. Returning to Denver in 1962, Peterson again took up the post as the director of the Commission on Community Relations for another term. In 1993 Peterson was inducted into the Colorado Women's Hall of Fame. Central Park Central Park is a name well known in the community. It is physically central to the St*pleton area South of I-70. It abuts the iconic tower from the former airport. Denver has numerous neighborhoods named after the parks they surround, plus “Central Park” would evoke the Green Book, which was a foundational document for St*pleton. Finally, the name-change issue has been divisive for our community the last few years. It has sometimes brought out the best and worst in us and created tensions among neighbors. Central Park would be non-controversial, natural and drama-less, which is what our community could use right now. Skyview Whether watching fireworks along the Front Range, experiencing a blood moon from the sledding hill, or taking in a sunset or sunrise, viewing the celestial beauty that surrounds us draws us together in awe. In raising our heads up to take in our sky view, we are reminded of the enormousness of the universe and in the words of Carl Sagan, “For small creatures such as we, the vastness is bearable only through love.” For many, it is love of thy neighbor, and the desire for all who live and visit here to feel pride in the community that has brought about the change of name. From earliest days of aviation, the dream was to conquer the sky, extending the boundaries of human endeavor to transcend the adage, ‘the sky’s the limit'. Bringing together the nostalgia of historical air travel and aspirations of those early aviators can give us a name that aspires to give voice to values like diversity, sustainability and access. It is fitting to have a name that directs our thoughts upward to what can be. Through the name Skyview, may we feel a connection to each other and all of humanity. When we look at the sky, may we find the inspiration for the work that continues on the ground to make the future easier and brighter for each of us now, and for the next generation. Randolph “Daddy Bruce Randolph” was a giver, a gentle soul, and a BBQ Master. Born in 1900, the grandson of a former slave, his legacy will live on for generations to come because he cared for this community in ways that elevated dignity and humanity. At age 63 Daddy Bruce, an exceptional cook, restauranteur and philanthropist, decide he wanted to ensure the people of Denver who did not have a meal for Thanksgiving would have a place to go to break bread with dignity and in community. The first Daddy Bruce Thanksgiving cookout and food distribution fed 5,000 people. By the time he died in 1994, Daddy Bruce had created a community-wide Thanksgiving feast, feeding 30,000 to 40,000 Denver residents at Thanksgiving. The Stapleton community would be fortunate to carry the name of such a giant human and community member. We can only hope that his spirit will inspire us all to give from where we are, with what we have; and that our children will grow to know the joys of being a good neighbor, a contributing community member, and an all-around amazing human being. Park Central The central component of this neighborhood is its beautiful parks. Park Central is, home to Central Park, Denver’s third largest park with over 80 acres of land. There are more than 50 parks (too many to name here) throughout the neighborhood, connecting us to Colorado’s great outdoors. We can take a leisurely stroll, go for a run, climb, sled, swim, party, laugh and play, or just sit and enjoy the song of the Meadowlark. Heck, there are even a couple of doggy parks for our furry family members! This would be an ideal name that will stand the test of time. It does not carry any stigma or controversy, it is market friendly, and it is relevant to our neighbors, both north and south of I-70. Tailwinds Wind carries messages, strength, and the force of life through breath. We can feel the winds of change around us: a series of events precipitating and signaling important changes. In flight, a tailwind moves with you, and helps you move to your destination more efficiently; the analogy of a tailwind also describes growth. Changing the name of our community is a step in a positive direction. Our community needs a tailwind to help us on this journey, and to help us grow. For each of us, when we face troubles, the strength of community can help us find the tailwind that we need, in the spirit of the Irish blessing: “May the wind be always at your back.” A tailwind is support, in particular support in moving forward. The name Tailwinds embraces both the history of aviation and asks for strength in a positive trajectory.


To do list: 

   1)  Please be sure you and your neighbors are signed up to get emails from SUN (navigate back to SUN's main page to do so) - if you have signed up but are not getting emails, please contact Stapleton[email protected] to sort out what might be the issue.  
    2) Vote in Round 1! 
    3) Check back next week to participate in Round 2.

7/14 - We hear feedback that additional information is preferred sooner rather than later about the work of the Advisory Board. An important reminder about the function of the Advisory Board: they were not asked to return the top 10 most popular names from the straw poll to the community. Straw poll data was one of several factors the advisory board used to reach their decision. The construction of the Advisory Board intentionally amplified voices that would be underrepresented when going with a simple majority in this community. When SUN presented these options in June, the feedback we received was in favor of this approach, and SUN had consensus around this approach. SUN supports the Advisory Board's selections, and stands by the decision to bring a range of options with justification back to the community.

Having achieved the milestone today of launching the first wave of community voting on schedule, SUN will provide additional documentation later this week about the expectations and considerations by which the advisory board operated, results from straw polls, and how straw polling was part of the Advisory Board conversations. 

7/12 Update:

We are still on schedule for mailing out a link to vote tomorrow, Monday 7/13. After the email goes out to the community, voting will remain open through Saturday 7/18 at 2pm. Names and descriptions will be posted to SUN's website when available, and will also be embedded in the poll.

Regarding the format of the vote: rather than using Vertical Response as has been the interface of all straw polls, we will be using Survey Monkey. The need to "only rank 3 among 9" and to only use each rank one time was essential. This was not available in Vertical Response, but has worked well when piloted among the SUN board this weekend in Survey Monkey.

You will be asked to enter your name and physical address with your vote. The vote is confidential, but not anonymous. Ballots submitted without a name and address will not be counted.

7/9 Update:

Tonight the Advisory Board successfully completed the task of narrowing the list of 331 names!! This occurred in the last minutes of the third consecutive nights of meetings, so the descriptions / supporting descriptions for each name are not yet available. The written presentation for each name will be revised over the weekend, with voting launching next week on schedule. The task was to reach a number between 8 and 16 options, the total number that will be returned to the community for voting is: 9.

The first wave of voting will begin next week, we expect 3 waves of votes (one per week for the remainder of July). In the first round next week, each person will be able to rank three of the nine names. We will then add votes across names by assigning 3 points for a 1st choice, 2 points for a 2nd choice and 1 point for a 3rd choice. Fewer names will then be returned back to the community for the 2nd round of voting.

Persons eligible to vote are adults living (owning/renting) in the Stapleton community in both Denver and Aurora. Please sign up for emails from SUN to receive an invitation to vote early next week.

7/8 Update: Members of the advisory board

Vince Bowen

I am a member of Black Lives Matter 5280 core leadership team focused on economic justice. Professionally I am an outdoor industry entrepreneur, and former investment banker. I am delighted to have friends and neighbors in Stapleton, across the street from me here in Park Hill.

Tom Downey

Tom is a 15 year St*pleton resident, he and his wife live in Eastbridge and have three daughters, 12-19. He is one of two MCA Community Delegates on the Advisory Board.  He is also a member of the Westerly Creek Metro District board member.  Tom is a licensing attorney in Denver.

Cora Galpern

Cora Galpern has lived in the neighborhood with her parents and younger twin siblings since 2002. She graduated from George Washington High School in 2019 and she is a rising sophomore at the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor studying Sociology and Social Work. Cora is on the board of Rename St*pleton for All and has been working to change the name of the neighborhood since 2017.

Damon Knop

I am a Denver Native and have lived in Stapleton for almost 15 years, I chair the housing and diversity committee for 12 plus years, I am also a cochair of the Citizens Advisory Board and past Vice President of SUN. As an active member of the former airport Development since the beginning and as a Realtor who specializes in affordable housing, I have always been in favor of the name change and have hated how the logistics of the process has gotten in the way. I am glad we are at this stage and am happy to help in anyway I can.

Rick Leuthold

I am a recent SUN Board and Transportation Committee Member. As such, I am representing SUN on the Advisory Board. My wife and I moved to the neighborhood from Montana in 2012 to be closer to our children and grandchildren. I have a BS in Civil Engineering and am an owner of a 51 year old urban design firm where I have spent the last 36 years working for clients in land development. 

Erin Osit

I am the MCA Delegate for District 1, Bluff Lake and North Eastbridge.  I am originally from New York and after living in the DC suburbs for 6 years, my family moved to Denver in August of last year.  I am an attorney, currently practicing securities arbitration, and have a background in arbitration, mediation and collaborative law.  Along with my professional experience, I hope to make a meaningful contribution to the committee through my history in working to create spaces of equity in public schools.

Justin M. Ross

My name is Justin Ross an 18-year resident that represents the GSBA (Greater Stapleton Business Association) as both the President and a business owner with the name St*pleton in it. Personally as a black owned business we have struggled for countless years with wanting our business name to align with our community but not support a negative past the existing name represents. I serve proudly, with clear and fair mind.

Mandle Rousseau

I’m a Denver native and a local black business owner (, providing smart home technologies for the luxury home market. I’m a SUN board member, and Stapleton resident. I enjoy photography, mountain biking, drone flying and having non-surface relationships. 

Benilda (Benny) Samuels

I have been a Stapleton resident since 2004. For more than 30 years I have served the Denver community by creating, managing and leading social change initiatives in service of undeserved and marginalized individuals, families and children. Today, I serve as Vice President of Programs at Rose Community Foundation where I direct the team responsible for making $10M in grants intended to advance equity, inclusivity and community engagement in the metro area. Raised in Panama, the triple effect of Benny's background (Black, Latinx, Immigrant) has influenced her work, as detailed in a recent article in Tu Casa Magazine: 

Jennifer Williams

Jennifer Williams Bordeaux (Sicangu Lakota) has lived in Denver with her four children since 1980, living in Capitol Hill, Lowry, Curtis Park and now Stapleton. Jennifer is a community outreach and engagement specialist at the Centers for American Indian and Alaska Native Health in the Colorado School of Public Health at the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus. Jennifer has also served as the Chair of the Denver American Indian Commission and in 2019 received the Minoru Yasui Community Volunteer Award. Jennifer enjoys music and going to concerts.

One additional vote / seat on the advisory board represents a voice from area high schools - and is comprised of three members, one from each high school located in the community (Northfield, DSST Montview, and DSST Conservatory Green).


7/7 Update: the Advisory Board's first meeting was this evening. We will work on posting small updates after each meeting. Names and a brief bio for each Advisory Board member will be posted this week as well.

7/6 Update:

Straw Poll I included 180 names, was launched June 23, and closed June 29th, with 2588 responses.

Straw Poll II included 330 names, was launched July 1st and closed July 5th, with 3422 responses. 

Thank you for the overwhelming number of responses in under a week for each poll.   

7/5 Update -

Today (Sunday 7/5) through 9pm MST is the final opportunity to complete Straw Poll II; since opening on 7/1, more than 2 thousand have completed it. People who completed the first Straw Poll (Between 6/23-6/9) are welcome to complete Straw Poll II. Results from both will be presented this week to the Advisory Board who will be narrowing the list of 331 unvetted names to a smaller set (between 8-16) on which the community will vote starting in mid July.

Link to Straw Poll II:

7/4 Update - Happy Independence Day
The Front Porch Newspaper's July issue has two articles covering the new community name - the Front Porch is delivered to all homes in the community and surrounding areas. As much of our communication is electronic, we are so grateful for the Front Porch and other print media for helping us reach people who obtain their information from non-electronic sources.

7/3 Update - 

The Q/A from the June 24th meeting is now posted at the bottom of this page, named: June 24 Meeting Questions and Comments.pdf

7/2 Update - 

Community volunteers with business expertise are available to discuss renaming for businesses. Ongoing efforts there are: coordinating volunteers to help the businesses go through this process at low or no cost. Please visit Fireside to learn about resources or to contribute expertise:

Straw poll II (a list of 330 unvetted names) will remain open for community input through Sunday evening (7/5/2020, 9pm).

7/1 Update -

Straw Poll II is now live (7/1/2020, 12:01am) and will remain open until Sunday evening (7/5/2020, 9pm).

Straw Poll-II includes all names that were suggested through June 29th, there are 331. The format is similar with 5 response options per name, but names are now grouped by theme rather than alphabetically. Across 16 pages:

1. Suggestions that draw on existing names (1-22): 22 names

2. Names connecting several themes (23-47): 25 names

3. Aviation (48-91) **longest page: 44 names**

4. Denver or Colorado figures (92-122): 31 names

5. Aspiration (123-165) - ** 2nd longest page: 43 names**

6. Elected Officials (166-181) 15 names

7. Celestial (182-203) 22 names

8. National Figures (204-226) 23 names

9. Directional names (227-237) 11 names

10. Native American Tribe names (238-246) 9 names

11. Geography-related names (247-263) 17 names

12. Nature-rooted names (269-284) 21 names

13. Names related to the view (285-299) 15 names

14. Names rooted in fiction (300-307) 8 names

15. Sports-related names (308-315) 8 names

16. Other names (316-331) 16 names  

We expect this will take 15-30 minutes to complete. 

6/30 Update - SUN has concluded accepting new alternative names, and is currently working to update the Straw Poll. The First round of the Straw Poll has closed. Please check back later today for a link to Straw Poll version II (which will be open through July 5th). It is OK to complete the 2nd round of the straw poll if you completed the first round.

6/26 Update - Hi community. The Advisory Board is coming together beautifully. We are waiting on two confirmations, and then we will have every seat filled - just two days after initiating the search. The generosity of this community in its willingness to serve in this capacity has been overwhelming. These diverse voices will represent a range of ages, genders, ethnicities, races, and lived experiences. The importance of a diverse Advisory Board is in yielding a result that will bring pride to all who live and visit here.

Reminder: the 29th of June is the last day that we will accept new name submissions.  It is likely that we will launch a reformatted straw poll immediately after this cutoff.  

6/25 Update

The plan to add to the Straw Poll while it is live has proven problematic. We hear the frustration that one block of names (#11) is largely duplicated from the previous block (#10), but we are unable to change it at this time. The time each person has taken to complete it very much appreciated, and what we have so far will be useful. We are exploring options for after the 29th when we stop collecting additional names for re-configuring the straw poll.

As posted 6/23, the straw poll is open for input: (the first straw polls has closed)

We have begun getting names for advisory board members, we continue to work on coordinating the details of those meetings.

We expanded the 1 seat for high school representation as announced yesterday to represent the three high schools in the community, but still with only 1 vote.

6/24 Update - This evening was an ad hoc public meeting for board approval of the advisory board composition

Slides are shared at the bottom of this page.

Here is the link to the recording of the meeting:


The Advisory Board will be comprised of 11 members:

  • 2 SUN Board Members
  • 2 MCA Delegates
  • 1 representative from the GSBA (representing businesses in the neighborhood)
  • 1 representative from Rename S*apleton For All
  • 1 representative from Black Lives Matter
  • 1 representative from Community Advisory Board
  • 1 Councilman Herndon nomination
  • 1 representative from the Indigenous community
  • 1 seat for area high school student representation, comprised of one student from each high school (edited: originally listed as: 1 student from Northfield High School - updated stated 6/25)
Timeline for the process are as follows:
  • Week of July 6th:
    • An Advisory Board will meet and narrow the list
  • Mid July
    • Community voting will begin on the narrowed Advisory Board list
    • Voting will likely occur in multiple waves until one alternative gets a majority of votes
  • August 1st:
    • Result of vote announced
After the name has been identified
  • SUN will create a petition for a bylaw change to change the organizational name of SUN to align with the new community name
    • The petition much have 100 signatures
    • After the petition is complete, SUN must announce a community meeting for a community vote on a chage to its by-laws with at least 30 days notice
  • MCA delegates will prepare for their Delegate meeting on August 19th

6/23 Update - Please participate in a Straw Poll to help inform community preferences on the existing list of submitted names. This feedback is one piece that the the Advisory Board will be asked to consider in narrowing the list of submitted names for our community vote in mid July.

The first straw poll has closed.

And if you are interested in SUN's public meeting to finalize Advisory Board composition, and voting procedures (tomorrow: Wednesday June 24th at 5:30pm), please register here: After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting

6/22 Update #2

SUN's public meeting to finalize Advisory Board composition, and voting procedures will be Wednesday June 24th at 5:30pm.

When: Jun 24, 2020 05:30 PM Mountain Time (US and Canada) Register in advance for this meeting: After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

6/22 Update: There is now an automated form below to collect statements about why a submitted name (or a new name) would be the best choice for the community.

6/20 Update: All submitted names are now included as the last thing on this page.  There are currently 120 options listed.   

6/19 Update: The SUN board is scheduling an ad hoc public evening zoom meeting during the week of 6/22 to publicly approve the composition of the committee that will narrow the long set of suggested community names down to the smaller set that the community will be voting on. 

* * * * *

Click here for slides from June 16th, 2020 meeting

Candidate Name Identification

As announced 6/12/2020 to the community, SUN is facilitating a name identification and selection process for use in the community. This will be further described at our virtually-hosted monthly meeting on Tuesday.
The link to register for the zoom call is on the meeting page see above for zoom link, facebook event to share is here:
Summary: SUN is initiating a multi-step process regarding the community name. In step 1) names will be proposed, and discussed. A list will be voted on by the community to identify strongest candidates from a field of many. In step 2) In accordance with SUN’s bylaws, 100 residents could petition SUN for a bylaw change which is the mechanism by which the name of SUN would change. Step 3) If a petition is successfully completed, SUN would announce and host a community vote on adopting a new name using the outcome of this process.
Step 1) Name Solicitation and Discussion
SUN has reviewed input given across social media platforms, will soon obtain the write-in responses from the MCA’s vote last year, and is soliciting additional suggestions. ([email protected]) The name selection process will culminate in voting (process being finalized). At the end of step 1, a name will have bene identified, however no organization, including SUN, would be bound to use this name.
Step 2) Petition for a SUN bylaw change
SUN's name exists in section 1 of its bylaws, a petition with 100 signatures is needed to initiate a change.
"Section 1: Name. The name shall be Stapleton United Neighbors (hereinafter “SUN”), which is located within the City and County of Denver."
Amendment of the bylaws must be initiated by a petition signed by 100 residents
"These bylaws may be amended at any association meeting by the affirmative vote of at least sixty-six percent (66%) of the members present and voting at the meeting. A member may propose an amendment to these bylaws by submitting the proposal in writing to the Board of Directors accompanied by a paper petition containing the signatures of one hundred (100) individual members. The member signatures are subject to verification by the Board of Directors. "
Step 3) Vote of members of SUN (all adults renting or owning a home in the footprint of Stapleton in Denver)
SUN would adopt this name for our organization name with a community vote with 66% of people voting in affirmation.
When this petition process has been completed, a community meeting would need to be scheduled for a vote to take place. Such a vote would be announced (at least) 30 days in advance in accordance with our bylaws:
"The Board of Directors shall provide notice of any issue which will be put to the vote of the membership at least thirty (30) days prior to the meeting at which the vote will be held. Notice will be provided by such method(s) as the Board of Directors determines appropriate in order to reach the largest number of members."
"the Board of Directors may, in its discretion, allow for alternate methods of vote casting, including but not limited to early ballot drop off, electronic ballot submission, or other method(s). If the Board of Directors decides to allow for an alternate method of vote casting for a particular vote, notice of that method shall be provided at least thirty (30) days prior to the meeting at which the vote will be held, along with the notice of the issue to be voted on."

SUN letter to community 6/12/2020

Dear Community,

The recent protests against systemic racism and police violence have brought a moment of clarity to our world, country, and local community. As your Registered Neighborhood Organization, it is our responsibility to foster and advocate for an inclusive community on behalf of our diverse residents. We want to make clear that we strongly condemn all forms of racism and bigotry. We believe that our actions must match our values. Our desire is to live in a community that is safe and welcoming to ALL that live here and visit. We want to take this moment in time to acknowledge that BLACK LIVES MATTER.
We are taking the following steps to make our community a more inclusive place for all residents:

  • We are adding information and resources to our website for residents seeking to learn more about the Black Lives Matter movement and how to support organizations working to end systematic racism and police violence.
  • We are reaching out to the Denver Police Department to discuss what steps they are taking to reduce police violence in Denver so that these steps will infiltrate the two-way communication between our community and DPD, and so that we may reinforce and affirm our support of steps to reduce police violence. 
  • SUN will engage the community to synthesize suggestions, vet options, and recommend solutions for a community-identified name for SUN. A candidate name that emerges from this process will then be voted on by the community.
We understand that ours is a community of diverse perspectives and opinions. While May 25th marked the tragic murder of George Floyd, we hope that the resultant outcries have yielded a collective empathy and desire to try harder to see the world from other's perspectives. What may appear normal to one resident may cause pain for another, and our goal is to foster a community where we all feel welcome and are safe from the threats, risks, and stress of racism. 
Thank you,
SUN, Board of Directors

Organizations in support of Racial Equity

1. The Innocence Project, founded in 1992 by Peter Neufeld and Barry Scheck at Cardozo School of Law, exonerates the wrongly convicted through DNA testing and reforms the criminal justice system to prevent future injustice.

2. Color Of Change designs campaigns powerful enough to end practices that unfairly hold Black people back, and champion solutions that move us all forward.

3. The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights is a coalition charged by its diverse membership of more than 200 national organizations to promote and protect the civil and human rights of all persons in the United States. Through advocacy and outreach to targeted constituencies, The Leadership Conference works toward the goal of a more open and just society – an America as good as its ideals.

4. petition to bring justice for Breonna Taylor:

5. The Movement for Black Lives (M4BL) formed in December of 2014, was created as a space for Black organizations across the country to debate and discuss the current political conditions, develop shared assessments of what political interventions were necessary in order to achieve key policy, cultural and political wins, convene organizational leadership in order to debate and co-create a shared movement wide strategy. Under the fundamental idea that we can achieve more together than we can separately.

6. The National Black Justice Coalition (NBJC) is a civil rights organization dedicated to the empowerment of Black lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and same gender loving (LGBTQ/SGL) people, including people living with HIV/AIDS. NBJC’s mission is to end racism, homophobia, and LGBTQ/SGL bias and stigma.

7. Black Lives Matter: #BlackLivesMatter was founded in 2013 in response to the acquittal of Trayvon Martin’s murderer. Black Lives Matter Foundation, Inc is a global organization in the US, UK, and Canada, whose mission is to eradicate white supremacy and build local power to intervene in violence inflicted on Black communities by the state and vigilantes. By combating and countering acts of violence, creating space for Black imagination and innovation, and centering Black joy, we are winning immediate improvements in our lives.

8. Black Girls Code:  Black Girls CODE is devoted to showing the world that black girls can code, and do so much more. By reaching out to the community through workshops and after school programs, Black Girls CODE introduces computer coding lessons to young girls from underrepresented communities in programming languages such as Scratch or Ruby on Rails.

9. Common Ground Foundation: To empower high school students from under-served communities to become future leaders. Our programs focus on character development, social impact, healthy living, technology, financial literacy, creative arts, and global leadership.

10. Brighter Days for Justice is a gun violence prevention organization working at the intersection of public health and criminal justice reform. We work to advance reform at the state and campus level.

Final List of Community Suggested Names (6/30/2020)
Names rooted in existing / familiar words

·         Bluff Lake

·         Central Park Heights

·         Central Park 

·         Denver Northeast

·         East Park Hill 

·         Eastbridge

·         Gaypleton

·         Landing at Northfield

·         Northfield

·         Park Hill East 

·         Quebec Square

·         Sand Creek/Sandy Creek

·         SoNoField

·         SoNoPort

·         Southfield

·         Southfield / Northfield Combination (SoFiNoFi)

·         Stanley

·         Stanley Heights (related to Stanley Marketplace)

·         Stanley Place(related to Stanley Marketplace)

·         Stanton (Stanley Marketplace, shortened)

·         West Montbello

·         Westerly Creek 


Names with themes including Aviation + more

·         Clear Field- Clear: free from darkness, obscurity, or cloudiness, light. (A clear day for flying, or We are cleared for takeoff, or The old airfield has been cleared away to become a much-loved neighborhood) Field: short for airfield

·         Concorde - For the plane and hope for Peace

·         Concordia - For the plane and hope for Peace

·         Crosswinds - Crosswinds is an aviation term that is used to describe significant winds encountered during flight that can change ones path. I believe that our neighborhood is at a “crosswinds” now so to speak where we have the ability to meet these winds of our time with a new direction for our community and a new name.

·         George Brown (a Tuskeegee Airman and one of the first two black lieutenant governors since Reconstruction outside any southern state. Suggested by the 1990s group, led by JuJu Nkrumah, that objected to carrying over "Stapleton" to the new development.

·         Green’s Landing  (Marlon Green- the veteran pilot who won an anti-discrimination law suit in the Supreme Court for black pilots to fly commercial, he flew out of this airport and lived on Colorado Blvd, landed here often)

·         Greenfield Heights - Greenfield is a neighborhood in the area already. Greenfield Heights gives the name weight as a neighborhood while still honoring Marlon Green and all of the relevant items listed as "Greenfield"

·         Greenfield - a nod to: 1) The GREENbook (the community-collaboratively drafted aspirational document that preceded the development here), 2) FIELD- the landscape, 3) Marie GREENwood, Denver's first tenured African American teacher, 4) Marlon GREEN- the veteran pilot who won an anti-discrimination law suit in the Supreme Court for black pilots to fly commercially, he flew out of this airport and lived on Colorado Blvd.  5) The GREEN initiatives of this community - our strong participation in the city's sustainable neighborhoods program 6) In many disciplines a greenfield project is one that lacks constraints imposed by prior work: a fresh start.

·         Greenville (Marlon Green- the veteran pilot who won an anti-discrimination law suit in the Supreme Court for black pilots to fly commercial, he flew out of this airport and lived on Colorado Blvd.)

·         Greenway - (Marlon Green- the veteran pilot who won an anti-discrimination law suit in the Supreme Court for black pilots to fly commercial, he flew out of this airport and lived on Colorado Blvd., and park space)

·         Harmony Landing

·         Harris Green - David Harris became the first black commercial airline pilot, Marlon Green was an African-American pilot whose 1963 US Supreme Court Case, ‘Colorado Anti-discrimination commission v. Continental airlines’ helped dismantle racial discrimination in the airline industry

·         Inspiration Tower

·         Jeppesen (Elroy Jeppesen, pioneer in air navigation, founder of Jeppesen company)

·         Marlon Heights (African-American pilot Marlon Green, with "Heights" as a reference to the heights at which he flew and also the heights to which his anti-discrimination case rose with the 1963 Supreme Court decision in his favor.)

·         Mosley (Mosley family: John, a Tuskegee airman, CSU's first black football player. Edna founded The Women’s Bank - now Colorado Business Bank; First African-American City Councilwoman, Aurora. First family of color to purchase a home in Aurora.)

·         Mosley Fields (Mosley family: John, a Tuskegee airman, CSU's first black football player. Edna founded The Women’s Bank - now Colorado Business Bank; First African-American City Councilwoman, Aurora. First family of color to purchase a home in Aurora.)

·         Mosley Green (honoring the Mosleys, Captain Green, and our green spaces)

·         Mosley Heights (honoring the Mosleys)

·         Mosley Park(Mosley family: John, a Tuskegee airman, CSU's first black football player. Edna founded The Women’s Bank - now Colorado Business Bank; First African-American City Councilwoman, Aurora. First family of color to purchase a home in Aurora.)

·         Mosley Village(Mosley family: John, a Tuskegee airman, CSU's first black football player. Edna founded The Women’s Bank - now Colorado Business Bank; First African-American City Councilwoman, Aurora. First family of color to purchase a home in Aurora.)

·         Prairie Skyline

·         Rosland / Rose land/Rose Park/Roseville  (rose gardens in Central Park, and Rosa Parks)

·         Stallworth (Ron Stallworth, author of Black Klansman, infiltrated the KKK in Colorado Springs over a 9 month period beginning in 1979 as an undercover officer for the Colorado Springs Police Department)

·         Tailwinds 


Names rooted in Aviation

·         Aeroglen

·         Aeropark 

·         Airfield

·         Airfield Commons

·         Airfield Green

·         Airfield One

·         Airport Fields 

·         Airport Park

·         Airway

·         Approach

·         Aviation

·         Aviation Acres

·         Aviation Fields

·         Aviation Green

·         Aviation Park

·         Aviation Village

·         Aviator Park

·         Aviator Springs

·         Concourse

·         Control Tower Flats

·         DOMA (for Denver Old Municipal Airport)

·         Field Park 

·         Hightower Park

·         Jet City

·         Midway

·         Old Airport

·         Old Denver Airport District (ODAD)

·         Pilot Park

·         Rudder Park

·         Runway

·         Runway Acres

·         Runway Gardens

·         Runway Green

·         Runway Park - Did you ever park UNDER the runway to watch the planes cross overhead as a kid (or adult)? Did you know park paths in Stapleton are made partially from recycled runways? Do you live in the North, East, South or West in the neighborhood? Did you know the runways ran all directions?

·         Tarmac Acres

·         The Landing

·         The Runways

·         Tower Airpark

·         Tower City 

·         Tower Park

·         Towertown

·         Towerview

·         Tuskegee Field

·         Tuskegee Park


Names honoring Denver / Colorado figures

·         Amache Prowers (aka Walking Woman, was a Native American activist, advocate, cattle rancher, and operator of a store on the Santa Fe Trail)

·         Barney Ford - Born the son of a Virginia slave in 1822, Ford escaped bondage via the Underground Railroad and made his way to the mountain town of Breckenridge, where he achieved success as a prominent businessman, civic leader, black rights advocate and mine owner. In the late 1800s, Ford and his wife were the wealthiest couple in Breckenridge

·         Brown (for Clara Brown: a former slave from Virginia who became a community leader, philanthropist and aided settlement of former slaves during the time of Colorado's Gold Rush. aka 'Angel of the Rockies'.  Colorado's first black settler and a prosperous entrepreneur)

·         Chipeta (aka White Singing Bird, a Native American woman, and 2nd wife of Chief Ouray of the Uncompahgre Ute tribe, continued as a leader after his death in 1880. Born a Kiowa Apache, raised by the Utes in the area of Conejos, CO)

·         Clarinton  (for Clara Brown: a former slave from Virginia who became a community leader, philanthropist and aided settlement of former slaves during the time of Colorado's Gold Rush. aka 'Angel of the Rockies'.  Colorado's first black settler and a prosperous

·         Daddy Bruce Parish (Bruce Randolph - who built community and fellowship through food, also traveled with and fed Broncos)

·         Diggsville (Greg Diggs, critical race theorist, founding member of SUN, community activist)

·         Dr J Ford Pavillion (Justina Ford - first licensed African American female doctor in Denver, Colorado, and practiced gynecology, obstetrics, and pediatrics from her home for half a century)

·         Elijah Fields (for Elijah McClain, 23 year old unarmed black man killed in police custody)

·         Ford (Justina Ford - first licensed African American female doctor in Denver, Colorado, and practiced gynecology, obstetrics, and pediatrics from her home for half a century; and Barney Ford - Born the son of a Virginia slave in 1822, Ford escaped bondage via the Underground Railroad and made his way to the mountain town of Breckenridge, where he achieved success as a prominent businessman, civic leader, black rights advocate and mine owner. In the late 1800s, Ford and his wife were the wealthiest couple in Breckenridge)

·         Greeley or Greeley Hills (Julia Greeley, Denver's Angel of Charity)

·         Greenwood (Marie Louise Greenwood, the first black teacher to receive tenure in Denver Public Schools, lived to age 106)

·         Hackley - Emma Azalia Smith Hackley, a former resident of Denver and co-editor of the Statesman.

·         Holmes (Dr. Clarence F. Holmes - Denver Dental Society’s first African-American member and was the founder and 20-year president of the Cosmopolitan Club, an organization that promoted interracial and interfaith understanding.)

·         Jackson (Jackson, Toussaint L’Ouverture, founder of Dearfield Colorado - a self-sufficient agricultural settlement for black Americans)

·         Justina Ford (Justina Ford - first licensed African American female doctor in Denver, Colorado, and practiced gynecology, obstetrics, and pediatrics from her home for half a century)

·         Justina Park (Justina Ford - first licensed African American female doctor in Denver, Colorado, and practiced gynecology, obstetrics, and pediatrics from her home for half a century)

·         Landover (For Landri Taylor - Civic leader in Denver, CEO Foundation for Sustainible Urban Communities)

·         Little Raven - principal chief of the Southern Arapaho Indians. He negotiated peace between the Southern Arapaho and Cheyenne and the Comanche, Kiowa, and Plains Apache.

·         Marie Greenwood - first African-American tenured teacher in Denver, and also made DPS history as the first African-American teacher to be placed in an all-white school.

·         McClain Park (for Elijah McClain, 23 year old unarmed black man killed in police custody)

·         Mr Rodgers Neighborhood (in honor of local resident Rogers McCallister)

·         Ouray Park

·         Randolph (Bruce Randolph - who built community and fellowship through food, also traveled with and fed Broncos)

·         Ross (for Mrs Leonel Ross (Campbell) - first female reporter for the Denver Post, in 1901, aka Polly Pry)

·         Rovira (for Luis Rovira - first Hispanic male to be appointed Justice to the Supreme Court of Colorado in 1979 and the Chief Justice in 1990.)

·         Scott (for Gregory Kellam Scott - first African American appointed as a Justice of the Colorado Supreme Court in 1992)

·         Silas Stillman Soule: American abolitionist, joined the Colorado volunteers, rising to the rank of Captain in the Union Army. Refused an order to join the Sand Creek massacre, then testified against the massacre's commanding and was then murdered in Denver.

·         Taylorsville  (For Landri Taylor - Civic leader in Denver, CEO Foundation for Sustainible Urban Communities)

·         Westbrook (Dr. Joseph H.P. Westbrook- founded Dearfield colony, for he said that the farm fields there would “be very dear to us.” Infiltrated the local KKK, being a light-skinned African American who “passed as a white man”)

·         Westbrook Ford (Drs. Westbrook and Ford)


Aspirative names

·         All as One

·         Amity Landing

·         Ascend

·         Atonement

·         Beloved

·         Bodhi Village

·         BuenSur

·         Collage - An artistic composition made of various materials. Perfect name for what we are trying to achieve here. People from all walks of life coming together to make something beautiful. Plus it sounds cool "Collage Colorado"

·         Color’s Field - to represent all races and orientation. Field to reference the old airport.

·         Colorado City One

·         Colorful - As in Colorful, Colorado. As a symbol of our state and it’s diversity in landscape and people

·         Destination

·         Evolution

·         Fair port

·         Fairfield

·         Flavortown

·         Freshville

·         Genesis - Coming together to create a more loving & aware Colorado.

·         Harmony

·         Harmony Villa

·         Inspire/Inspire Park

·         Justice

·         Legacy East 

·         Lubavitch (a small village in Eastern Europe that the Hasidic community of Lubavitch originates in and takes it's name from. The name means means "Village of Brotherly Love", and was legendary for all of its original residents, people of all faiths living in peace and harmony with each other.)

·         Mitákuye Oyás'iŋ (interconnectedness - a world view of the Lakota people of North America)

·         Neighbor Friends Park Green

·         Peacedale

·         Philadelphia

·         Pleasantville

·         Renewal

·         Revolution

·         Serenity

·         Solidarity

·         Spireton

·         Sterling Heights - Sterling Heights is a very diverse sister city in Detroit Michigan known for welcoming immigrants, POC and all living in harmony. Denver and Detroit are sister citys

·         Towaoc Park (Towaoc = Good, per Ute Mountain Tribe)

·         Tribes in the Neighborhood

·         Unita Park

·         United Neighbors

·         United Park

·         United Villages

·         Unity

·         You’ll Never Walk Alone - Community camaraderie


Names honoring elected officials

·         Caldwell (Elvin Caldwell (1919–2004) – Politician and Organizer: Elvin Caldwell’s tenure in the political arena in Colorado contributed to many changes for African Americans in Colorado. He was recognized as one of the most significant African American policymakers in Colorado history. Began political career in 1950s.  Was the first Black member of a mayoral cabinet. 

·         Campbell - Ben Nighthorse Campbell served as a U.S. Representative from 1987 to 1993, and a U.S. Senator from Colorado from 1993 to 2005. Served as both a Democrat and a Republican. American Cheyenne, serves on the Council of Chiefs of the Northern Cheyenne Indian Tribe. (b April 13, 1933)

·         Carr -Governor Ralph Carr (1887 – 1950) - 29th Governor of Colorado from 1939 to 1943

·         Hancock (Michael Hancock b1969 - serving as the 45th mayor of Denver, Colorado. He was sworn in on July 18, 2011

·         Hiawatha (Denver City Councilman Hiawatha Davis Jr. (1944-2000) Battled racism, sexism and poverty. This was one of the suggestions from the 1990s group)

·         Hicken Loop (John Hickenlooper b1952)- 42nd governor of Colorado from 2011 to 2019,  43rd mayor of Denver in 2003, serving two terms, until 2011.

·         Newton (Quigg Newton (1911 – 2003) 36th Mayor of Denver 1947–1955.)

·         Obamaton - Barack Hussein Obama II is an American politician and attorney who served as the 44th president of the United States from 2009 to 2017.

·         Peña (Federico Peña b1947 - 41st Mayor of Denver 1983 - 1991, 12th United States Secretary of Transportation (1993 – 97), 8th United States Secretary of Energy (1997 – 98)

·         Polly Baca (first woman to Chair the Democratic Caucus of the Colorado House of Representatives (1976–79), and the first Hispanic woman elected to the Colorado State Senate and a house/senate of a state legislature.)

·         Quigg Newton  (1911 – 2003) 36th Mayor of Denver 1947–1955.

·         Salazar - Ken Salazar b1955 50th US Secretary of the Interior, John Salazar b1953 Commissioner of the Colorado Department of Agriculture 2011-14 (brothers)

·         Taytown - Tay Anderson - Denver Public School board representative, elected 2019

·         Trumptown/Trumpville - Donald John Trump is the 45th and current president of the United States. Before entering politics, he was a businessman and television personality.

·         Webb - Wellington Web b1941 was the first African American Mayor of Denver, serving as 42nd Mayor of Denver (1991–03). Web was Mayor when DIA opened / this development began.

·         Wellington

·         Wellington Village


Celestial names

·         Divided Sky - From Central Park at sunset looking west it appears the sky is divided.

·         Horizon Park

·         Northstar Landing

·         Polaris

·         Sky Landings

·         Skybridge - Recognizes the north and south relationship of the neighborhoods - the CPB Blvd bridge. and “bridge” has a social connotation of what this movement is trying to achieve

·         Skyfield - Keeps the "S" and/or "SUN" for easier community company/organization transitions with logo, acronym, etc, has an aviation theme in the name, integrates the popular "Northfield" name and brand, and is a unique name hardly used elsewhere

·         Skyfield Green (to support sustainablity)

·         Skyhaven

·         Skyland Park

·         Skylands

·         Skyline Park

·         Sol del este

·         Sunfield

·         Sunnyvale

·         Sunpark

·         Sunrise

·         Sunset Hill

·         Sunset Horizons

·         Sunshine

·         Sunville

·         Tava (Tava = Sun, per Ute Mountain Tribe)


Names honoring national figures

·         Albright (for Madeline Albright)

·         Besssie Coleman (an early American civil aviator. She was the first woman of African-American descent, and also the first of Native-American descent, to hold a pilot license)

·         Coleman (in honor of Bessie Coleman)

·         Douglass Heights (Frederick Douglass an American social reformer, abolitionist, women's rights advocate, write and statesman who escaped slavery, advocated equality for all people - Women, Hispanics, Indians, Asians- "+Heights" symbolizes that we can as a citizenry rise to higher heights through leaving hate behind and embracing equality and acceptance of all, and geographically Stapleton is on higher ground than downtown Denver-at 5305 feet (vs 5280)

·         Dwightville (Ed Dwight, a local resident was to be the first African American astronaut.... unfortunately he was never permitted to fly due to race)

·         Ellington (Jazz great Duke Ellington)

·         Ellison  (Ralph Ellison, author of the Invisible Man)

·         El-Shabbaz (aka Malcom X)

·         Floyd Park (in honor of George Floyd a 46-year-old black man, killed in Minneapolis, MN during an arrest for allegedly using a counterfeit bill, sparking mass social movement)

·         G. Floyd Estates (in honor of George Floyd a 46-year-old black man, killed in Minneapolis, MN during an arrest for allegedly using a counterfeit bill, sparking mass social movement)

·         Georgetown (in honor of George Floyd a 46-year-old black man, killed in Minneapolis, MN during an arrest for allegedly using a counterfeit bill, sparking mass social movement)

·         King Park

·         King 

·         Kingland

·         Kingston

·         Luther (for MLK)

·         Malcolm X

·         Martin Luther King

·         MLK Village (because it takes a village)

·         Queen Bess (for Besssie Coleman)

·         Sharpton

·         Watson Park (Lauren Watson - he was a founding Black Panther - suggestion from the 1990s group that objected to carrying over "Stapleton" to the new development. )


Names indicating direction

·         Central Heights

·         East Park

·         East town

·         Easton - The sun rises in the east symbolizing a new day, and with this new name, a new era of the community will be born, symbolizing a new beginning. In old English it stands for a settlement to the east.

·         Eastview

·         Eastview Park

·         Northeast

·         Upper East Side

·         Westfield

·         Westport

·         Denver Heights


·         Names honoring Native American Tribes

·         Apache

·         Arapaho

·         Cheyenne

·         Comanche

·         Mountain Ute

·         Pecos 

·         Shoshone

·         Ute Park

·         Ute Prairie


Names rooted in Geography

·         Altitude

·         Cape Colorado

·         Elevation

·         Elevation Heights

·         Fairview

·         Field Hill

·         Hamlet -a small residential settlement

·         Hill Park

·         Meadow Creek

·         Morningside

·         Mountain Ridge

·         Park Central 

·         Parksville

·         Plains Gate

·         Prairie Fields

·         Seasons

·         Wilson (mt Wilson)


Names rooted in Nature

·         Avion

·         Bison Ridge

·         Bison Run

·         Bison View

·         Bristle

·         Brush Park

·         Dearfield - Borrowing the name from the former African American farming community

·         Eaglerock - from an October 18, 1929 newspaper clipping: “Erret Williams, who flew an Eaglerock Bullet plane from Kansas City to Denver for the opening of Denver’s new municipal airport, today was declared winner of the ‘On-to-Denver’ race held in conjunction with the dedication, and awarded a prize of $1,000.” Also, the National Eagle Repository is located at the Rocky Mountain Arsenal."

·         Eagleton -In tribute to the Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge which Federally protects the Bald Eagles living there and is a treasure of wildlife for this neighborhood.

·         Forest City 

·         Forest Park 

·         Forestville

·         Forset Hills

·         Foxtrot

·         Jackrabbit Flats

·         Meadowlark

·         Pansy Place

·         Rattlesnake Gulch

·         Rattlesnake Hollow

·         Spruce Park

·         Weekapaug (Narragansett word meaning "at the end of the pond")


Names embracing the view

·         Bellavista

·         Belmont

·         Belvista

·         Buenavista

·         Clearview - Unique, airport-related, clarity-on-racial-justice-related. As we collectively see the importance of the name change now.

·         Mirador (lookout)

·         Montevista

·         Montview

·         Mountain View

·         Peak View

·         Rocky View

·         Skyview

·         Vista Park

·         Vistagrande

·         Vistaverde


Names rooted in fiction

·         Airportlandia

·         Central Perk

·         DeJetVille (a mashup of Denver Airport City ideas)

·         Gotham City - The name we deserve AND the name we need right now

·         Hill Valley - Dr. Emmett Lathrop Brown is an American resident of Hill Valley, California. He was the inventor of the DeLorean time machine.

·         Sim City

·         Wakanda (Black Panther: Afrofuturism)

·         Whoville


Sports related names

·         Bowlen Green

·         Bowlen Place

·         Bowlenville

·         Briscoe - first black quarterback to start for the Denver Broncos and in the AFL/NFL.

·         Doug Moe Town (Nuggets coach asst. 1974-76, head 1980-91, asst 2003-08)

·         Elwayville

·         Payton Place

·         Paytonville


Names from other themes

·         Appleton or Apleton 

·         Capleton (family name of community residents)

·         Doublethink

·         Eastaden

·         Extapleton

·         Karolton (In honor of Saint Pope John Paul II’s August 1993 visit to Denver)

·         Little Apple (vs the big apple)

·         Long Street

·         Maxwell Village

·         Pickleton

·         Rasmussen

·         Seneca Village - A New York City community of 225 residents, made up of roughly two-thirds African-Americans, one-third Irish immigrants, and a small number of individuals of German descent, from West 82nd to West 89th Street. Between 1825 and 1855, development expanded.  All residents had to leave by the end of 1857 when the city of New York acquired the land through eminent domain for the construction of Central Park.

·         Starfish and Coffee - Song by the artist Prince

·         Sunderlin

·         Wamer Landing

·         Woytyla’s Landing


Open Letter to Community on Charlottesville, VA Events (August 2019)

Dear Neighbors,


We are deeply disturbed by the escalation of hateful sentiment and shocked and horrified by the events one week ago in Charlottesville Virginia. We unify in condemning all forms of hateful acts, violence, racism, anti-Semitism, bigotry and xenophobia, and efforts by alt-right and white supremacy groups, the Ku Klux Klan, and any other group espousing hatred and violence. As we collectively send condolences to the family and friends of Heather Heyer, the woman who was killed, and share our prayers and thoughts for those injured in Charlottesville, we together say clearly, that there is no place for these displays of hatred in our neighborhood nor anywhere.


Stapleton is a strong, diverse, and vibrant community, and we share the hopeful wish that we all can come together to support each other and engage in a productive dialogue.




Amanda A. Allshouse

President, CPUN 

Nick Callaway

Lead Pastor, Go Church


Representative James Coleman

Colorado General Assembly, District 7


Dr. Rachele Espiritu

Denver Public Schools Board of Education, District 4


Tom Gleason

Vice President - Public Relations Forest City


Councilman Chris Herndon

Denver City Council, District 8


Representative Leslie Herod

Colorado General Assembly, District 8


Rabbi Mendel Popack

Director, Jewish Life Center - Chabad Denver North


Ron Thomas

Police Commander Denver Police, District 5


Senator Angela Williams

Colorado State Senator, Senate District 33


Matt Wolf

Lead Pastor, Stapleton Fellowship Church


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