Bylaw change - Expand footprint of CPUN to include Aurora residents

Central Park United Neighbors (CPUN) requests your support for a change to our bylaws. 

Learn more about the suggested bylaw change below.

100 petition signatures for each bylaw change are necessary to proceed with a vote. By signing this petition, you allow CPUN to present the proposed change to the community for a formal vote to adopt or deny. The vote would occur 30 days after the change is presented to the community for consideration and a 66% affirmative vote is required for the bylaw change to be adopted.

CPUN’s bylaws can be found here:


Our current by-laws limit the footprint of CPUN to areas in the City and County of Denver. This is a product of CPUN being registered as an RNO with the City and County of Denver. The Board is proposing to include in our footprint the residents who live in the City of Aurora. Expanding our geographic footprint to include Aurora residents allows for two things:

  1. Residents of Central Park with an Aurora address can become CPUN board members
  2. Residents of Central Park with an Aurora address can vote on CPUN business. 

This change allows CPUN to be inclusive of all residents of the Central Park community. While interfacing with the City of Denver is and will remain an important function of CPUN, the majority of the day-to-day work done by the board is community building and engagement activities that play out entirely within the borders of Central Park, efforts meant to benefit residents regardless of what city they live in. This change allows us to represent the entire community in carrying out this significant aspect of our work. We have written confirmation from the City and County of Denver’s Office of Community Planning and Development that this change would have no impact on our status as a Denver RNO. We also have the support of NANO, an Aurora RNO that currently represents Central Park residents in Aurora. 

Under this proposed change, residents of Central Park with an Aurora will be represented by both CPUN and NANO with equal opportunity to participate in either organization. CPUN will remain a Denver RNO and will therefore defer to NANO on communicating and facilitating Aurora city business to Central Park residents in Aurora. The one exception to this rule that CPUN intends to pursue is communication and facilitation of information from the Aurora Police Department. 


The revised By-law Article 1, Section 2 would be written as follows:

Section 2: Geographic Boundaries.  The footprint of CPUN is contained within the City and County of Denver and the City of Aurora.  The Denver area is bounded on the western edge by Syracuse St (Montview Blvd to 23rd Ave), Quebec St (23rd Ave to Northfield Blvd), Spruce Way (Northfield Blvd to 53rd Pl) Spruce St (53rd Pl to 56th Ave), and Central Park Blvd (56th Ave to 64th Ave); on the northern edge by 56th Ave (Spruce St to Central Park Blvd), 64th Ave (Central Park Blvd to Havana St), and Martin Luther King Blvd (Havana St to Peoria St); on the eastern edge by Havana St (64th Ave to 56th Ave, Dallas St (56th Ave to I-70), Havana St (I-70 to Martin Luther King Blvd) and Peoria St (Martin Luther King Blvd to 26th Ave); and on the southern edge by 23rd Ave (Quebec St to Syracuse St), Montview Blvd (Syracuse St to Beeler St), and 26th Ave (Beeler St to Peoria St).  The Aurora area is bounded by 26th Ave on the north, Fulton on the west, Peoria on the east and 25th Dr (between Iola and Kingston St) and 25th Ave (between Kingston St and Peoria St.) on the south.

To support this bylaw change, please add your name and home address here. 

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