Committees of Central Park United Neighbors

Central Park United Neighbors (CPUN) implements much of its activities through its committees. Committees are formed when a topic has been identified as being of ongoing interest and importance to the community. Committees are responsible for organizing communications and events that increase awareness and engagement among the residents of Central Park. 


Committees are not reserved for board members! CPUN welcomes anyone interested in improving the quality of life in our community. Please see the brief descriptions of our committees below and contact the committee chair or CPUN if you'd like to get involved. 


Communications and Outreach Committee - Co-Chairs, Mark Mehringer & Geoff Horsfall

The Outreach Committee is responsible for managing CPUNs communications, website, and fundraising. It is also responsible for CPUN's Block Captain Network and Block Party Day.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee (DEI)  - Co-Chairs, Mandle Rousseau & Shalise Hudley-Harris

We strive to:

  • Inform, educate, and engage with residents of the Central Park community around equity and diversity issues affecting every community member.
  • Advocate for, and elevate all, community voices by encouraging greater representation of, and reducing disparate impacts to, underrepresented groups within Central Park.
  • Provide guidance and recommendations to the CPUN board to ensure all board actions are reflective of, and informed by, the diverse population and perspectives in our community.

Education Committee - Co-Chairs, Jea Arzberger & Carol Hunter

The Education Committee has the responsibility to be the liaison with the Denver Schools in and around the neighborhood as well as working with the Foundation for Sustainable Urban Communities on its education initiatives.

Health and Safety Committee – Chair, Jack Seward

The Health & Safety Committee connects the community with resources and services to respond to new and ongoing needs throughout the neighborhood. We partner with city agencies and non-profit organizations to address issues that are of concern to members of the community.

Safe Streets Committee - Co-Chairs, Carol Hunter and Brad Revare

The Safe Streets Committee will keep the Central Park community informed about issues affecting safe streets, engage with our committee, and assist you in becoming advocates for walking, biking, and rolling safely throughout the neighborhood. 

Sustainability Committee - Co-Chairs, Brad Revare & Mark Mehringer

The Sustainability Committee builds community in Central Park through activities and educational opportunities that enhance the livability and reduce the ecological footprint of our neighborhood.



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