Donate to Central Park United Neighbors

Central Park United Neighbors (CPUN) sincerely thanks you for your donation. As an all-volunteer organization, your generosity helps CPUN to amplify the voice of the Central Park community of Denver. 

CPUN is the Registered Neighborhood Organization for the Central Park community. The CPUN board is made up of Central Park residents, elected to serve by our neighbors. CPUN is a registered 501c3 and are registered with the Colorado Secretary of State office.


CPUN now also offers the following sponsorship opportunities to interested businesses:

PrimeView Email Sponsorships

Each month, CPUN sends two community updates to our full list of over 10,000 residents, which usually has an open rate of 50-60%. One sponsor is highlighted per email in a prominent location on the right side near the beginning of each email. 

  1. Local businesses have the opportunity for a prominent placement of their name, link, and logo or graphic (up to 400 pixels wide) on the right along with some brief text.

  2. The cost is $250 for each email to be the sole sponsor.  For $150, you can have your logo and limited text listed first as the top sponsor, or for $100 you can be listed as the second sponsor. We generally have two emails per month (second and fourth Mondays of each month).

  3. You may submit your interest in a PrimeView sponsorship by sending an email request to Mark Mehringer ([email protected]).

Community Deals of the Month

These will be placed immediately near the bottom of each of the twice monthly community update emails we send.

Generally they look something like this:

Community Deals of the Month
Come to Rainbows and Moonbeams on any weekday in June and receive 15% off our famous singing rainbows collection. For more information, visit: (As an example only, unlikely a shop like this exists)

  1. Local businesses have the opportunity to sponsor a Community Deal of the Month.  Some businesses have experienced cost per click rates of only 25 cents.

  2. $30 per month, two emails per month or $25 per month if you sign up for 3 or more months in a row.
  3. These are designed for businesses that wish to promote specials on their products and/or services by highlighting the special(s) immediately after the CPUN content for the monthly email. Each sponsor will need to limit their text to no more than 50 words plus one link - no graphics.

  4. This would be text only along with a link to the businesses’ website embedded in the text - no graphics.

We accept payments through Zelle at [email protected]

$2,950.00 raised
GOAL: $10,000.00