The Health & Safety Committee connects the community with resources and services to respond to new and ongoing needs throughout the neighborhood. We partner with city agencies and non-profit organizations to address issues that are of concern to members of the community, with emphasis on preparation and prevention.

A safe community is more than a community without crime, it is a place where everyone can live, work and play in healthy and happy ways. While addressing issues of crime is at the forefront of the committee’s work, it is far from our only goal. We work to bring neighbors together to resolve disputes, abate neighborhood nuisances and never stop finding ways to improve the neighborhood we all call home.


Provide opportunities for the community to engage with the Denver Police Department and City Council. Organize community meetings to address new and existing crime concerns. Partner with DPD to establish programs such as Neighborhood Watch and providing a point-of-contact for neighbors and the DPD for working through crime.

Provide a forum for the community to engage with city agencies involved in health and safety. This includes partnerships and contacts at the Denver Police Department, Denver Code Enforcement and the Denver Park Rangers. 

Mediation and Advocacy
Where appropriate, engage community members to address issues through alternative dispute resolution while acting as a community conduit of information and advocate. Encourage alternatives for neighbor dispute resolution by connecting neighbors with mediation services to resolves problems without involving the police. In cases of new or ongoing crime and issues related to neighborhood policing, advocate for our community in front of relevant city agencies to ensure our voices are heard in a constructive and effective manner.

Emerging Issues
Identify and respond to emerging issues throughout the community. Engaging neighbors to understand what little problems exist and identify solutions before they become big problems. In addition to crime focusing on issues of unhealthy or unsanitary properties and other quality of life issues. Collaborate with city agencies and service providers to ensure the unhoused population is connected to housing resources. 

Neighborhood Watch 

The Health and Safety Committee oversees the Central Park neighborhood watch program in partnership with the Denver Police Department. Click here for more information and to get involved. 

Contact the Committee

The committee meets once a month, meetings are open to the public. 


Shelters and services for unhoused individuals 


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