The Sustainability Committee builds community in Central Park through activities and educational opportunities that enhance the livability and reduce the ecological footprint of our neighborhood. We are committed to:

  • Empowering people with knowledge and experiences that inspire more sustainable living. 
  • Encouraging our community to enjoy the parks and open space of Central Park.
  • Leveraging our work to foster a more diverse and inclusive community. 

Committee membership is open to anyone interested in developing, collaborating on, or participating in programming.


Representative examples of the programming this committee has undertaken include:

  • Planting 20 trees in Gateway Park
  • Electric vehicles buyer's forum
  • Trash pick-up and reseeding day in Westerly Creek
  • Webinar on residential solar panels
  • Reusable grocery bag giveaway

The Sustainability Committee welcomes the community’s ideas for future programming. Please contact Geoff Horsfall to be added to our email list or follow our Facebook page for announcements about upcoming events. 

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The Sustainability Committee is proud to lead Central Park’s participation in the City and County of Denver’s Sustainable Neighborhood Program. The Sustainable Neighborhoods Program is a certification program that offers resources and support to neighborhoods seeking to organize workshops, projects, and events. Participating neighborhoods earn program credits for their efforts while the city provides in-kind resources, such as printing, venue and catering fees, and staff time to support projects.

Read our 2017 application to join the program, submitted on the community’s previous name, here


The Sustainability Committee meets most months on the 2nd Tuesday of each month (currently virtually) from 4:00 to 5:00 PM. Our meetings are open to the public and we welcome participation. Please contact Mark Mehringer at [email protected] for details on joining our next meeting.



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